Volkswagen Jetta SEL Sedan

The Future of VW: The New Volkswagen Jetta

Long known as being a leader of innovation, Volkswagen continues to surprise Richmond, VA car buyers with a variety of upgrades to the new Jetta models every year. The VW Jetta is a popular car among both driving enthusiasts and people looking for an affordable and reliable way to get to work.

The new Volkswagen Jetta comes with a variety of upgrades over its predecessor. From an enhanced design to better fuel efficiency, technology and performance options, everyone is sure to find the right VW Jetta at our Volkswagen dealership near Chesterfield.

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An Enhanced Engine

The new VW Jetta features a re-engineered engine that does not disappoint. The 1.4-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine packs an impressive 147 horsepower, all while maintaining a fuel efficiency of up to 40 miles per gallon on the highway. Adaptive driving modes like Eco and Sport are also available on all new VW Jetta models, allowing drivers to choose what type of performance experience they want at any time.

A Roomier Interior

The new VW Jetta comes with a roomier interior that makes every drive feel like you're sitting at home in your armchair. The upgraded VW trim level comes standard with two-tone V-Tex leather seats and electric adjustment options. The upgraded heated front seats and rear ventilated seating surfaces help maintain a balanced climate when it's cold outside.

Beyond heated seats and extra legroom, the new VW Jetta offers a panoramic sunroof on most trim levels and a BeatsAudio sound system.

VW Jetta Driver Interior

Superior Technology for All

Technology has become the cornerstone of every new car design, and the new Volkswagen Jetta is no different.

Every Jetta comes standard with Apple CarPlay integration, an attractive 9-inch LED touchscreen and a variety of apps that help make your drives around Chesterfield much more enjoyable. The available VW Digital Cockpit option is a first-of-its-kind heads-up display in the New Jetta. Drivers can choose from full-screen navigation or driver personalization that allows the driver to pull up saved vehicle settings that cater to them automatically.

The ability to have navigation located right in front of the steering wheel means the driver is more focused on what's on the road ahead, instead of looking down towards the screen trying to navigate the map.

While most new cars offer backup cameras as standard equipment, the new Volkswagen Jetta has taken it a step further by offering Adaptive Cruise Control. This specialized system helps keep the vehicle at a preset speed and distance from the vehicle located in front of the Jetta. As traffic slows down or speeds up, the Jetta can detect these changes and react accordingly.

Improved Safety and Other Features

Similar to other areas of improvement, safety has not been left out. The Intelligent Crash Response System, a brand new feature never installed on any vehicle before, automatically deploys airbags, shuts off the fuel system, unlocks the doors and activates the hazard lights all at once.

A safety cage with front and rear crumple zones is a standard feature built into every Jetta during the manufacturing process. This cage helps deflect the effects of any impact, big or small, and minimizes harm to the passengers as much as possible.

When a collision occurs, the Midlothian driver often forgets to put the car in park, that's where the Automatic Post-Collision Braking System comes into play by automatically applying the brakes and slowing down the car to a halt.

VW Jetta SEL Sedan Exterior Blue
VW Jetta SEL Sedan Exterior Blue
VW Jetta SEL Sedan Exterior Blue


The all-new Volkswagen Jetta comes in 5 trim levels:

  • The S - Entry-level Jetta
  • The SE - The standard level Jetta
  • The R-Line - A sporty upgrade
  • The SEL - The upgraded Jetta
  • The SEL Premium - Top-of-the-line Jetta

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